Section 6.3 currently provides the Police and Fire Chiefs, as members of the classified service, with a degree of independence from political influence. The proposed amendment of Section 6.3 would change the Chiefs of Police and Fire from classified to unclassified positions. Consequently, individuals in those positions would be political appointees serving at the pleasure of the mayor. As political appointees, the Chiefs would risk losing their jobs if they were to publicly disagree with the City Council or Mayor. Important protections of the Chiefs as members of the classified service would be eliminated by the amendment under the guise of "necessary flexibility."
Currently, the City of Bay Village classifies civil service under Section 6.3 of the City Charter, and provides basic municipal services to residents of Bay and, in a limited capacity, to surrounding communities through mutual aid agreements. The proposed amendment of the charter by the addition of the newly created Section 6.7 would allow City Council to enter into regional civil service programs. No such regional civil service program exists in the State of Ohio, and no plan for implementation of the regional civil service program has been outlined by city officials. In addition, no specific financial incentives or consequences of sharing Bay Village resources and services with neighboring cities has been offered by the Charter Commission, City Council, or Mayor Sutherland.
Please carefully consider these significant amendments and the potential consequences of their enactment.
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